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I work one-to-one with knowledge experts to help them translate complex ideas, provoke, and engage their audience while maintaining credibility. I interview my clients to understand what they want to say and ghostwrite authoritative and engaging copy in their voice. I apply my skills writing for the media to edit and add polish to academic texts.

  • Editorials and features

  • Thought leadership and blogs

  • Public relations

  • Native-English manuscript correction 

  • Book and article development editing

Hands on Computer Keyboard


I understand the challenges research support professionals face. I provide practical and pragmatic support to maximise the impact and recognition of research. I use storytelling and strategic communications expertise to convey the meaning of research, knowledge exchange, industry engagement and executive education in an engaging and relevant way. 

  • REF Impact case studies 

  • Research grant funding proposals

  • Editorials and features

  • Award entries

  • Strategic communications

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I draw on my experience working with big thinkers to help businesses shape their insights, and create original copy which positions them as experts in their field. I work with senior professionals to shape their tone of voice and hone key messages. I help them become thought leaders.

  • Media opinion and thought leadership

  • Stakeholder, staff and change communications

  • Speechwriting

  • Impact reports and white papers


I spend time with my clients and ask the right questions to help them find their voice.

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