Empowering transformation at the FCA

A case study on Oxford Saïd's innovative senior leadership programme for the Financial Conduct Authority. 

Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice

A textbook from University of Edinburgh Business School Professor Francis Greene, which bridges the gap between entrepreneurship 'know how' and 'how to'.  

Taking on the 'Big Six'

A feature from Oxford Saïd researcher Mark Hughes-Morgan on how People's Energy is disrupting the UK energy market.  

Fighting elder financial exploitation with artificial intelligence

A feature on UCD Smurfit Professor Cal Muckley's research, which uses algorithms to identify the financial exploitation of older people. 

Sharing small screen marketing lessons with SMEs

A case study feature showcasing University of Nottingham Professors Paul Grainge and Cathy Johnson's partnerships with local small businesses.    

The hypocrisy of  happiness

An opinion editorial from University of Edinburgh Business School researcher Dr Tom Calvard taking aim at the dark side of the wellness industry.