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Professor Paolo Quattrone, Professor of Accounting, Governance and Society at Alliance Manchester Business School 

I’ve worked with Derek on a number of projects and found him to be one of the few who really knows what my research is about and how it differs from consulting. He spent time and asked the right intelligent questions to build an understanding of what I do and why it matters.


Derek writes about research in a clear and authoritative way that grabs readers’ attention, without removing any of its credibility.


Professor Arman Eshraghi, Professor of Finance and Investment at Cardiff University.  

I am impressed by Derek’s skills in creating engaging narratives based on research articles, working with the media and writing impactful and gripping stories.


On a number of occasions, his help was crucial to me and my colleagues in promoting our research which eventually found its way to leading business publications such as Forbes and the Harvard Business Review.

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Stephanie Mullins, Account Director and Deputy Head of Education Practice at BlueSky PR

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Derek - his unwavering professionalism, quick responses, and knack for knowing what's newsworthy impressed me from the beginning.


He has a natural talent for storytelling and creating engaging content.

Dr Nigel Spencer, Senior Client Director, Oxford Saïd Business School 

Derek worked with us on a high-profile project which involved crafting a story about the impact of a leadership development programme with a client. 


Over a number of months, he listened closely to the needs of the client and helped us to develop a narrative which was both accessible and impactful. 


I was very impressed at Derek’s written style, and how he focused around the criteria set.

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Ritesh Kotak, Cyber security expert and MBA graduate. 

It is rare to come across somebody with Derek’s talents. His ability to coach and write compelling pieces is truly remarkable.  


He provided me coaching and mentorship which led to my work being published in within the Financial Times, the Economist and several other publications.


This would have not been possible without his assistance.


Beth Gormley, Communications and PR Manager at UCD College of Business 

Derek’s depth of knowledge from working in higher education communications is evident as he is a true “all-rounder” that is highly skilled at composing a range of communications from PR pitches to faculty features to distilling complex research into “click worthy” news articles. 


He has a special talent for listening to clients’ needs and executing on objectives—always adding that little “extra” you didn’t know you needed. 

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